Care Instructions

“Keeping you Warm, the Wooly Way” 



I am your Tommy Tou Sheepskin product and now I am hoping to live with you for a long time. 

I am a natural product and I was specially selected for my lovely soft qualities so if you want me to serve you well you will need to look after me in gentle and loving way.

I was delivered in a lovely Tommy  Tou Gift Box so when I am put into hibernation, (all summer), please store me away from the sun in my box and next winter I will happily be shaken into life to keep your hands and toes toasty warm.

Now a few little tips.

If you want to spend time outside with me I will benefit from a spray with a specialist Sheepskin WaterProof Spray for my protection. 

If I do get very wet, then just gently dab me with a clean and soft rag to take out the moisture and let me dry naturally with a little newspaper inside to keep my shape.

I do not like hard brushes as they spoil my soft and cuddly fur, but you can use a soft brush or comb  to plump up my fur. 

I do not like any chemicals. I am natural please keep me that way.

I love the cold weather as then I can show off how easily I can keep you warm and snug.