Tommy Tou Sheepskin for all the Family

Tommy Tou is a small family business where everyone's opinion counts so you can imagine that everyone has different ideas on colours and styles. Now is the time of year that we must choose for next year, so we carefully examine the feedback from our customers and look around to see and feel the new trends coming through. Next year we are going vibrant, purples, aubergines and pretty pinks as not only do we want our products to keep you warm and cosy but we want you to love them and get pleasure from being different. Tommy Tou is not available on the High Street so when you do own a Tommy Tou product, be it gloves, mittens,booties or slippers you can be sure you have a uniquely designed and produced product that has been thought about with love and care. We have new Gift Boxes this year that are made from only natural paper and we no longer use plastic in our boxes as we are aware of the environmental issues that the world is facing.

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